The Adventure Begins for Expedition 5

Former Royal Marine Commandos Louis Nethercott and Anthony Lambert set off on an adventure of a lifetime, with the aim to be the first humans to cross the planet's 5 largest islands unsupported.

Former Royal Marine Commandos Louis Nethercott and Anthony Lambert are embarking on a world first expedition the likes of which has never been accomplished before. Using the skills and discipline provided to them through their diverse military careers they are setting out to be the first humans to cross the planet's 5 largest islands unsupported, using only human power. Expedition 5.

Due to the unique and varied nature of this challenge their bodies will be pushed beyond endurance, not only will the Expedition 5 team need to be in the highest physical condition possible, they will need every ounce of their determination and will power in order to complete this remarkable undertaking.

Both Louis and Ant have active front line experience from their time serving in Afghanistan. They both feel that the challenges faced by Expedition 5 are insignificant compared to the daily challenges faced by many of their former colleagues wounded in the service of their country.

For this reason they are using Expedition 5 to raise funds for Help For Heroes and The Royal Marines Charity, and in particular to raise awareness for the mental health issues affecting serving and former serving personnel; for Louis and Anthony this is cause particularly close to their hearts.

Bremont is delighted to sponsor this incredible adventure, stay tuned for the latest updates!


Louis and Anthony will travel across Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Greenland and Baffin Island, encountering terrains including jungle, desert, marshes, mountains and fjords, with temperatures potentially ranging from -52°C to +35°C.

Thursday 10th November - Adventure Begins

“So here we go….48hrs until we leave to cross the third largest island on earth. I can’t quite believe it is finally upon us. For the past year, our lives have been overwhelmed with planning for this very expedition.

The next few months of our lives we will be spent living in mountainous tropical rain forest of Kalimantan, that will stretch as far as the eye can see. Over the course of our 1408Km journey we will be face with challenges every day and pushed to our limits in the relentless equatorial jungle.

We are so proud to be sponsored by Bremont and throughout this island crossing our watches are for sure going to be tested beyond endurance - as are our bodies!”

Bremont was delighted to welcome Louis and Anthony to Bremont's Mayfair boutique ahead of their exciting adventure

Thursday 29th December: Job Done

"Swimming in croc infested rivers, making a bamboo raft to escape starvation in the jungle, climbing over a jungle clad mountain range are just a few of the exceptionally dangerous activities Louis and I have partaken in since our time in Borneo. However, none of these even come close in perilous comparison to walking on an Indonesian main road at night. After several near misses and watching the second stray dog of our trip getting run over, our nerves were extremely frayed and we promised ourselves we wouldn’t be walking on a road during the dark hours again.

We have learnt some very valuable lessons which we will be taking forward to our future crossings, and we have had a lifetime of amazing experiences squeezed into a few weeks. It has been an extraordinarily difficult, but amazing journey that I am immensely proud to have been a part of."

1395km, 39days, Jungles, mountains, rivers, and roads. Job done.

Thursday 6th April; Here We Go Again

The second largest island in the world Papua New Guinea sits just above the equator due north of Australia. As one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world Papau New Guinea has over 852 known languages, of which 12 have no known living speakers.

The country is one of the world's least explored, culturally and geographically. It is known to have numerous groups of uncontacted peoples, and researchers believe there are many undiscovered species of plants and animals in the interior.

The crossing of this giant island will push the Expedition5 team to their limits and successful completion will get them one step closer to setting a new world record.

"Despite our reservations, we are both tremendously excited for what lies ahead. The fantastically diverse population looks unlike anything we have ever encountered, and will open our eyes once more to a world completely different to our own."

Tuesday 9th May: Papua New Guinea completed

On the 9th of May 2017 the Expedition5 team became the first men in history to traverse the entire island of Papua New Guinea via the Watut Valley. During the expedition the lads covered over 700km of unexplored jungle and dangerous highways. Finding WW2 aircraft wrecks, remote tribes and even cannibals. All while under the constant threat of the notoriously ruthless Rakols gang.

Read about their journey here:

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