Kenton Cool: The Drive To Achieve

Watch the film below for a glimpse of the grit and determination required to achieve feats including being the first person in history to complete the ‘Everest Triple Crown’ in one continuous push from base camp.

Ever since the young and heady days of his first expedition, to Pakistan when he was 19, Kenton has been completely in love with climbing in the high mountains. Now Kenton has mounted and completed over 30 successful expeditions. He holds the highest success rate of any mountain guide on Everest, in May 2007 he even summitted the peak twice in one week. For Kenton, the drive is to strive for the fullest achievement in the outdoors – whether this be on ice, on rock, or out on the hill.

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Very few people in history have ever summited K2, only about 8% of the number who have summited Everest. Truly a mountaineer’s mountain, the death rate is over 20% for those who attempt it. Record-breaking British climber Jake Meyer, who had already climbed Everest by 21, returned to K2 for the third time, where he finally conquered the world’s second-highest mountain and the tallest in the Karakoram range on the border of China and Pakistan.

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