New Year's Resolutions from Nick and Giles

Bremont Co-Founders Nick and Giles English share their New Year's resolutions for the year ahead.

Nick English

Nick English

1. Get that first spade in the ground with the build of the new manufacturing facility;

2. Start parts manufacturer for new British Bremont movement after years of development;

3. Continue to push ourselves as a business and strive to do things differently compared to other watch manufacturers in the industry.

4. Ensure I get a couple of flying, bike and car adventures under my belt for 2017!

5. Try and see the family a little more;

6. Try and become more efficient time wise!

7. Make sure Giles pulls his weight ;-) !!

8. Answer the phone more when my mother calls!

Giles English

1. Get all of our retailers here to the UK for the Bremont Town House;

2. Continue our U.S. growth;

3. Launch some great new watches;

4. Get Nick to work more!

Giles English

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