Bremont introduces U-22 Bronze into the U-2 range

Baselworld 2015 sees the launch of the U-22, an extension of the U-2 collection.

Bremont introduces U-22 Bronze into the U-2 range

Baselworld 2015 sees the launch of the U-22, an extension of the U-2 collection which was originally designed for and inspired by the elite U-2 spy plane squadron. The new U-22 design is the result of a high profile military project where Bremont was commissioned to update the original U-2, using the extensive testing history behind it, but built and custom-tested to specific requirements. Taking its design cues from this squadron timepiece the U-22 features a newly developed bezel design together with a new barrel colour and date design for the range.

True to its aviation roots, the updated date display was designed to reflect the view on an altimeter which balances the dial well. There is also a difference with the bi-directional rotating inner bezel, originally designed to measure 60 minutes, and altered in the U-22 to a compass quadrant of a pilot which is often useful in navigation weather mapping. The bronze barrel colour was specifically inspired by a number of military watches Bremont has produced in the past based on the anti-reflective coating used on their cockpit canopies.

With its proven military credibility the U-2 series has been comprehensively tested on missions flying at 100,000 ft for over 12 hour stints and tested to temperatures as low as -50 degrees. This durable pilot’s watch is elegant, legible and tough. The chronometer certified U-22 incorporates advanced technology including Bremont’s renowned anti- shock rubberised movement mount, designed to withstand the MB ejection seat programme, and Roto-Click® technology. Unlike the original U-2 the U-22 has an exhibition case back showing the beautiful automatic movement.

Giles English, Bremont Co-Founder; “We have always loved the U-2 range of watches and it has proved popular in the military world. The inspiration came from a military project we had been working on; we loved what had been produced and felt it gave a new dimension to the watch so we have launched it as the U-22”.

To date the U-2 models have been popular with the likes of adventurer Levison Wood, professional climber Leo Houlding and aerobatic aviator Mike Goulian who have all tested this range out in the field. Equally the style can be seen on the wrists of iconic British gentlemen Gordon Ramsay and Hugh Laurie, highlighting its appeal to a broad spectrum of individuals in diverse fields.